Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IVF, the gift that keeps on giving

"While it may occasionally occur that one's character shows in one's face, this is nothing to count on, for one's face will show in one's character long before that possibility has had a chance to arise."
--Fran Lebowitz
(I love Fran Lebowitz. She makes me laugh every damn time.)

Apparently, IVF has decided to show *its* character in *my* face. There's a good and a bad side to this unexpected outcome.

The good: my average brown eyelashes now go on for days. It's true. For the last few weeks, I would look in the mirror and think, "I look different. My eyes look nicer or something." And then I finally realized it was my eyelashes. When I asked S about it, she said "Yes! But, I just thought your eyes were looking so beautiful because I was falling more in love with you." (I got a good one right? I've totally trained her on what-to-say-when-your-wife-asks-you-anything-about-her-body).

The bad: my already strangely flat eyebrows (see below) have become bushy overachievers. Much like my eyelashes, they too now go on for days. Case in point:
S: You have an eyelash in your eye. Let me get it for you.
S: Wait a minute, it's attached.
S: To your eyebrow!

That's right, my eyebrows are now so long that they fall into my eyes like little eyebrow bangs (see below). I think it's the supplements. Maybe the DHEA? Or all the vitamins? Interestingly (luckily?) I haven't noticed the effects anywhere else!