Monday, September 12, 2011

1 month and zero miles (mileage monday #5)

Let me tell you about how crazy I am:
Over the 9.5 months it took us to prepare our paperwork, we had to meet with the agency several times. And while we learned quite a bit about many topics, one of the items that we were often warned about was scammers. We were told about financial scams and emotional scams and how to look for red flags. We were told to be cautious. We were told to contact our counselor if we received any suspicious emails. And today, on the one month anniversary of our profile going live, I am a little disappointed that we haven't even been contacted by a scammer!

In other news, I am still quite gimpy and while I can walk to town for an ice cream (4 miles round trip) running still causes my calf to spasm. Maybe next week?

Miles run this week: 0
Miles run since our profile went live: 14.65

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The ad running in my side bar right now just suggested that some people, "love being done having children" and that I should, "learn more about permanent birth control." There are very few things I don't want to know more about. And that's one of them.

Clearly my own fault for being a word whore. I am so spending the 3 cents blogher sends me on liquor, deli meat, and soft cheeses.

Bring it, AARP

I was officially diagnosed with old age today. By my dermatologist, wikipedia, and google. I think that means polyester pants with elastic waist bands and MORE ICE CREAM, PLEASE.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mileage Monday #4 - the one in which I ran no miles

First, I want to say congratulations to Jersey and NM on bringing their baby boy home. So exciting.

In other news....
Writing a TTC/adoption blog is pretty boring when you're not TTCing and you're in the 6-36ish month adoption wait. So I'm thinking this is about to turn into a what-I-do-other-than-TCC-and-adoption-waiting blog.

Work is about to get crazy as I dive into 2 months of too much work, including 10 business trips. The silver lining though is the last one is to Athens, Greece and I'm going to bring S along with me. So if anyone has any suggestions/recommendations for Athens in November, feel free to pass them along.

I am officially not a runner anymore. I f'ed up my calf something terrible. I went to a sports massage guy I know and he spent all 60 minutes on my left calf muscles. After I was 1) in immeasurable pain and 2) slightly embarrassed that I had stripped down to my skivvies for no apparent reason. At least I can walk on it now. I'm still hoping to get back into things in a couple of weeks.

S and I saw The Debt at the movie theater. The movie turned out to be so good that we both forgave it for the ridiculously stupid last 5 minutes. If you like slightly brainy spy movies, this is a good one. We've also been watching Intelligence on Netflix and we've both decided we missed our calling as either successful drug dealers or covert field agents.

Miles run this week: 0
Miles run since our profile went live: 14.65