TTC and Adoption Timeline

November 2006
We meet. It's magic.

April 2008
She moves in. Probably too soon. (ah, lesbians)

May 2009
She proposes on the top of Masada in Israel. (I say yes)

September 2009 - Try #1
First try with S's body. KD, ICI at home. We may or may not have dropped most of the goods on the floor. BFN.

October 2009
We get married. It's beautiful.

November 2009 - Try #2
KD, ICI, at home. BFN.

December 2009 - Try #3
KD, ICI, at home. Two insems. BFN.

Jan 2010
We decide to switch to IUIs and J's body. Commence the medical testing.

March 2010
Dermoid found on ultrasound.

April 2010
Surgery to remove dermoid (9cm, right ovary) and uterine polyp (2cm). 1 cm subserosal fibroid found and 2 bits of endo.

May 2010, June 2010
Recovery and vacation.

July 2010 - Try #4
Donor #1, 2 IUIs, letrozole & progesterone. BFN.

August 2010 - Try #5
Donor #2, 2 IUIs, letrozole & progesterone. BFN.
HSG reveals blocked left tube and the return of the polyp. Righ ovary has yet to recover from the surgery - no follicles seen, despite the drugs. Decide to move on to IVF to up our chances. No one is getting any younger (I turned 36 last month).

September 2010
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.
For an appointment. For a sonohysterogram. For answers.

October 2010
Fibroid is now 4 cm and disrupting the uterine cavity. Abdominal myeomectomy required before RE will green light IVF. May also require subsequent lap (surgery #3) to remove polyp (again). Choose to move forward with open adoption.

November 2010
Weekend-long seminar about open adoption.
Hand first check over to agency.
We're officially signed up.

December 2010
Paperwork. Paperwork. Paperwork.

January 2011
Happy New Year! Damn, the government is slow. Still waiting for the FBI to approve our fingerprints. Hoping this run in with our state fingerprints is not a sign of things to come.

March 2011
S turns 37. We turn in the last check for the adoption "sign-up" costs. We receive our FBI approval and complete our paperwork!

April 2011
Social worker assigned!!

May 2011
Complete "individual" and "at home" home study visits.

June 2011
Home study submitted to agency. Agency takes their sweet time reviewing paperwork.

July 2011
Home study is approved (7.8.11) and I turn 37.

August 2011
All paperwork is approved, we spend an evening listening to James Taylor and signing our hard copy letters, and our profile officially goes live (8.12.11)!

October 2011
A birth mother contacts us. She's due in 9 weeks.

November 2011
Birth mother says she wants to match with us, even though we have never met. Match is on. Birth mother stops responding to contact from us and the agency. Match is off.

December 2011
Birth mother reappears and says she's ready to match. We meet and we all agree to move forward. Baby due in less than a week. We scramble to get ready for this new little peanut. We are excited and terrified.

January 2012
Birth mother disappears (again). Agency calls hospital and finds out she has already delivered. Match is off. We get a call from another birth mother but she doesn't choose us.

March 2012
Much waiting. My lovely grandpa dies. I get a job offer that includes IVF coverage (pending certain forms and circumstances).

May 2012
Our agency contacts us about a mother looking to place her 2.5 year old son. We are (to be honest) a little judgmental at first.

June 2012
We get to know the birth mother and like her more and more. We even talk to her son on the telephone (at her request). We start to think this placement could be the right thing for this little boy (baby A). Out of no where, the agency terminates their relationship with the birth mother and sends us an email wishing us good luck with our adoption process. We are beyond angry at how it was handled. And feel terrible for ourselves, the birth mother, and baby A.

July 2012
I start working at the job-that-includes-IVF. 3 month mandatory wait for health insurance benefits.

August 2012
We renew our home study and all the associated paperwork.

September 2012
We're placed on the "last minute hospital list", which is a first-come-first-served waiting list for last minute (read: crisis) placements.

October 2012
My fancypants new insurance kicks in on the 1st. I have a new patient appointment with an RE on the 2nd. MRI on the 8th confirms surgery is necessary. We send off the same fingerprints we sent last year to renew our FBI clearance for adoption.

November 2012
Robotic myomectomy for me (3 fibroids, level 2 endometriosis, and 1 polyp removed) and a letter from the FBI for S saying her fingerprints are not readable (even though they were last year).

December 2012
6 days in the hospital for pulmonary emboli, pulmonary effusion, and DVT secondary to surgery and birth control pills. IVF is on hold.

January 2013
Find out I'm compound heterozygous for MTHFR. Proceed to freak out.

February 2013
Doctors, doctors, and more doctors.

March 2013
CT shows clots are gone! Start IVF #1 when AF arrives at end of month. So excited!

April 2013
7 eggs retrieved, 4 mature, 3 fertilized. All embryos highly fragmented - grade 3 on day 2, grade 4 on day 3, arrested on day 4, discarded on day 5. Devastated.
April 1, receive a call from a birth grandmother about placing her 4.5 year old granddaughter. We talk, it seems like a potentially good match, and we're all excited. By the end of the month the birth family changes their mind about placement.

July 2013
Start IVF #2...and then benched due to RE lab closure.

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