Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And the moral of the story is...

...don't let your radiologist interpret your HSG results. Or maybe it's just, take a deep breath and try not to dive off the deep end.

Things still kind of suck, what with my 1 wonky tube (right tube blocked but OB thinks it could have been a spasm or "debris" that could potentially be cleared without surgery...but no guarantee), 1 wonky ovary (right side looks like it's down for the count...no egg-like activity observed to date...and even with the meds I only have 1 follicle on the left side this month), and 1 wonky uterus (definitely have a polyp, but it's only measuring 5mm, which is considered within the watch and wait category...if it reaches 10mm, it has to be removed).

But we're a go for this month. Insem #1 was this morning.

Good news: Dr OB claims women with one tube and one ovary can get knocked up.
Bad news: I believe her, but were the tube and ovary on opposite sides and were the women paying $5k a month just to play the game?

Bad news: After close to a year of monitoring and not missing a beat, CBFM did not pick up my peak this morning (even with a trigger shot yesterday).
Good news: Dr OB had me POAS at the office and I got a smiley face.

Good news: We picked the sp.rm donor of the gods and the whole office was impressed with our (or I guess that would be his) 85% motility.
Bad news: Some of the sample came out during the insem (what??) and I am now stuck with an instead cup in a hard to reach place until this evening.

Anyone else naseous from the roller coaster ride?


  1. Geez. That kind of back and forth can sure make you emotionally dizzy! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. That is definitely a lot to digest but a phenomenal motility report! Sending lots of luck.