Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ain't that the truth

From a friend after I sobbed over email:

Isn't it amazing that you live in your own body every day and
find out you have things growing in you and blocked passageways? Weird. I probably have a shriveled up uterus and no eggs at this time even though I prance about like a youngish fertile goose.

We're both medically considered old. Which is depressing. And my birthday last wednesday didn't help the situation. I've been obsessively googling all morning and only peeled myself away from the laptop to grab a piece of cold pizza from the fridge. Apparently I'm not dealing well with the idea of a second surgery and a direct ticket to IVF.


  1. i sure wish i didn't know *exactly* what you mean. seems like this whole ttc process is just one chance after another to feel failed by your body. the past year and a half has just been one new failing after another to adjust to. it's exhausting.

    on the bright side, even though i was seriously freaked (i mean SERIOUSLY FREAKED) about the possibility of ivf, actually doing it was not so bad. one day at a time, all that, plus it felt great to be doing something with better odds. maybe you won't get there, but as someone who is big into absurdly early emotional preparation, i thought i'd throw that in there.

  2. I'm sorry about the HSG news. :(