Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Timings, Linings, and Gold Stars (oh my)

Today was our first IUI. Ever. Have I lost my gold star? S says, definitely not. I say probably not. But I'm still not 100% sure on the specifics of the matter. I guess it depends if you're a purist or not.

Lining. Dr. OB (who S and I are both slightly scared of and who almost was nicknamed Dr. BM as in beside manner and her lack there of, until I thought better of it) made several frowns and concerned noises over my lining of 12 mm. She says the average is 7-10 mm and my precocious lining could be my old friend the polyp growing back and if this cycle doesn't take I'm up for an HSG next month. BUT. After much googling, it seems other practices find 8-12 mm to be "normal" and anything over 15 mm to be "concerning". Anyone else out there have experience with an extra thick lining?

Timing. Looks like our IUIs will be at 16 hours and 41 hours this month (post-trigger shot). In all of my months of blog stalking, it looks like the range is 12 hours to 48 hours, depending on your clinic and the number of planned insems. We're going to do 2 this time, but I'm wondering if 48 hours isn't a bit too late. Maybe I just need to put down the laptop and stop being overly concerned with every little detail. But I have to admit the science geek in me (and I'm about 98% science geek) finds obsessing over the details thrilling.

Second insem for cycle #1 tomorrow morning....


  1. Here from LFCA to wish you good luck! I can't comment on the timing because my clinic would only perform one insem per cycle, but I hope that it works out just right.

  2. i absolutely refuse to consider reliquishing my gold star over this. after all, getting touched by sperm (kinda like touched by an angel, but ickier) is an unavoidable part of our own conception, so in a sense this isn't the first time. and since that first time is unavoidable, it cannot be considered part of gold star status considerations.

    my doc thinks a thick lining is fine (i think mine was in the 12 range this time) as long as it's not hiding a polyp. so i guess that's in between the two answers....

    hoping this is the one!