Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A sign, no sign. A wait, no wait.

I've barely started this TTC business and my brain already resembles a large hamster wheel.

  • No side effects from the let.rozole. WooHoo! Wait. Does that mean it's not working? What if it's not working? Why don't I have side effects? Sh*&@t.
  • My little operated on left ovary is measuring at a 7 cm volume. They like to see >4cm. Hells yeah. Wait. What if that means it's all cystic or something. Maybe it's too big? My overy is TOO BIG! Ahhhhh.
  • It's CD6 and I'm still spotting. I'm usually done by CD4. Maybe I'm too stressed. Am I too stressed? I'm too stressed. Must. Lower. S-t-r-e-s-s. Guh.

I think distractions are in order. Preferably something invoving ice cream.


  1. Your mind sounds a lot like mine! I suggest ice cream and cookies!

  2. my god, you're done on day 4? may i die of jealousy, please?

    i have done a stupid amount of trolling medical journals to prove to myself that people with endometriomas (chocolate cysts) like mine never make a good number of healthy eggs in an ivf cycle. i just got 32 eggs, culminating in 13 embryos good enough to use or freeze. so yeah.