Friday, June 25, 2010

Feels like the first time...

Oh, di.ldocam. What can I say. I was so nervous for our very first encounter. The good news: my anxiety has dissapaited. The bad news: ouch.

It wasn't as awful as I had imagined though. Somewhat painful, like really low bad cramps when she *dug around* to find that shy left ovary. Seems that despite the surgery for the 9cm dermoid and the polyp that was taking over my uterus, I also have a rather large intramural fibroid and a 2cm cyst within other ovary. Gah. Who knew there was such a party in my reproductive ograns all this time.

However, I put in my time and am now the proud owner of 10 little let.rozole pills and a return appointment in 10 days. The countdown (before the countdown) begins....

1 comment:

  1. Can I just say I love your blog name? It cracks me up.

    And I'd take a dildocam over a speculum any day!

    Good luck to you!