Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I just want to know

We went to visit S's family in Mississippi over the weekend. I brought the progesterone with me. And the burping. Not the look I was going for with the inlaws. But they politely ignored my new found trucker tendancies. It was a good distraction as the last weekend before our first beta ever crawled by.

As someone who has never really been PMSy (I know, you want to shoot me) I'm not handling the hormonal crazies really well. It's gotten to the point where I just want to know. I want to know if this is really happening this month or if I can throw those fing pills out the window (but not really, because they are damn expensive, and I will be saving them for next month, because I am thrifty that way). To calm my anxiety about the not knowing and the potential for either outcome I've made lists (I'm a master list maker) in my head of the great things about a positive or a negative outcome.

A positive. A POSITIVE! BABY! BABIES? bhaybeeeeeeeee.

A negative. Sushi. Turkey sandwiches from Subway. Decaf coffee. Diet soda. Exercise that actually overheats my body. No more crazy pills.

I'll get the beta call tomorrow. After which I'll either celebrate or drown my sorrows in spicy tuna and questionable deli meat.


  1. Hey. I just stumbled across your blog somehow and wanted to say hi and congrats on plugging through your first (and hopefully last!) tww. I can't offer anything to make it easier, but hoping you get great news soon!

  2. wait, you're not on oral progesterone, right? because that stuff blows. your liver grabs most of it before your ute can, so they have to put you on crazy-high doses. if so, ask for coochie bullets.

    if you're sticking the pills up your hoo-ha, then never mind. that's just regular progesterone suckage.

  3. Ok, so I love your blog! I'm new to the whole TTC thing and I think your writing is priceless! Sending positive TTC thoughts your way.