Thursday, August 12, 2010

When did I become the sap who cries at butterflies and deoderant commercials?

I am having trouble keeping it together. This morning I cried backing out of the driveway when there was a car behind me. In real life, I suck it up and tough it out. In TTC life, I cry at poorly parked cars.

We are in the second week of the TWW. Last night we went to an IVF information seminar. The doctor leading the program could most kindly be described as Southern. However, she was also informative and she did answer all of my questions. Unfortunately, she also confirmed that if this cycle doesn't work out as we hope and we would like to continue to use my body, I'll need to have a second surgery (polyp removed) and move on to IVF. I still don't know why I find that so S-A-D. It's not really sad. Having no options would be sad. But we do have options. We have the surgery and IVF. We have S's body. We have the various adoption routes we've looked into. And as another blogger brilliantly pointed out, we could always move to Massachusetts where they have mandated IVF coverage (actually, we would probably love MA, if it wasn't so damn cold...but I'd have to learn to spell it first).

In other news:

  • Remember how I spent all of last month cursing the progesterone? Yeah, almost no symptoms this month. Just a tad of the burps and heartburn, but nothing like the offensive onslaught of truckstop behavior that was last month.
  • Our little ex-feral kitty who typically wants nothing to do with me is suddenly braving my presence and checking in on me on a regular basis. Maybe he senses the sad? or a little peanut?

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  1. you know, many of us consider "southern" one of the highest compliments available. just sayin'. ;)

    as i've said before, i felt very s-a-d about ivf, but i didn't when it came time to actually do it. all that emotional preparation really helped me. (and maybe you won't need it anyway.)