Tuesday, November 2, 2010

crickets, crickets

We have officially skipped the bake one part and have moved directly to the buy one part. And life has been busy:
-grieving the various medical malfunctions that have led me here and have firmly closed the door to genetic procreation
-attending hours and hours of information sessions on navigating the precarious path from potential adoptive parent to actual adoptive parent
-tracking down the millions of pieces of paper you need in order for the government to approve your application to parent (yes, it's a pain in the ass! yes, i think it's important and necessary! but damn is it ridiculous that only people who have to obtain babies have to go through this paper circus!)
-and all those other little parts of life, like work and family and friends, that have been neglected for so long but seem to be clamoring for attention

triumph for today: scoring an official copy of my birth certificate

promise for tomorrow (or at least by the weekend): more blog posts

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