Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update - the 2 month variety

Our profile has been live for 2 months as of today. Here's what has happened:

  • We were chosen as a "favorite family" by a birth parent on our agency's website (this is like adding a website to your favorites so you can go back and view it later)
  • Our profile was sent out to 5 potential birth families in August (September's numbers aren't out yet...that's just how our agency rolls...slowly)
  • Time flew by and we are going to have to start renewing parts of our home study this month

I keep feeling like I should be doing something. But I'm not exactly sure what. Every once in awhile we wander through the baby section at tar.get and find ourselves either oohing and ahhing over tiny clothes with monkeys on the butts or making a quick exit toward safer parts of the store because one of us has started to tear up. We haven't been brave enough (crazy enough?) to buy anything.

Fingers crossed for month 3....


  1. I remember that weird feeling when I was on the cusp of being ready to actively buy baby things at Tar.get. I'd been MAKING baby things since we started TTC, looooong before I actually got pregnant, but somehow making things still felt hypothetical... going to a store and BUYING something felt "real" because it wasn't just some blanket I was making, it was already officially made, by someone else, to be specifically for a baby. And even after I got pregnant, I wasn't ready right away, even though we knew at least one baby was coming (I always suspected two, and of course, we eventually found out it WAS two) and would need some stuff. It felt like jinxing things, or like it was "too soon." Eventually, that wore off a bit, and now I still buy stuff even though we don't need any more. You'll get there too... and it's a great feeling :)