Friday, September 21, 2012

An update on girls who rock, governments that suck, and the best grandma in the whole wide world

My girl has been amazing. I've been going through a lot and my girl has stood up under the pressure and taken my hand to help lead me through. I am so thankful.

I did talk to the IRS (who knew the IRS was a nice Indian woman who wished me luck). Apparently, it is now "procedure" to review all adoption claims and request more information. I guess the moral of the story is, don't send too much info the first time around as you want to be sure to have something left to send when they ask for more. I faxed them 25 pages of "more". Hope that satisfies the beast.

This is my grandma. This month she turned 95. This month she was admitted to a hospice. She is beautiful in a million in one ways and she saved my life in a million and one more. I am so grateful to have her. Every day I hope she finds the peace and comfort that she is looking for and that she knows she is loved. 

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  1. That photo is stunning. I dearly hope that she finds comfort there.