Friday, January 15, 2010

Want to come with?

This baby journey hasn’t been a short one. And we’re only 2 steps in. And it’s probably going to last a lifetime. I have about million rants and raves (the government said I can’t do what?), insights (stolen and from the heart), questions, and stories to share. But I’ll start at the beginning, and we’ll go from there. Apparently, I’m going to have plenty of time to catch you up….

S and I met in tumult, found our way, lost our way, rinse/washed/repeated, and are now employing a therapist to help keep us in line. Before I met S, I wanted a baby. Maybe two. There was a brief stint in college (see: hair-dye-r, college radio-listen-r) when I didn’t want kids at all. The air was polluted, the water was dirty and disappearing, and look what a bangup job my mother had done with me. But over time, the angst faded and I wanted a baby again. And so it’s been. But I waited. For the right time. For enough money. For the right partner. And now here we are, two uteruses, an important decision to make, and not a sperm in sight. Should we bake one or buy one?

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