Friday, March 11, 2011

Marshmallow fluff? I hate marshmallow fluff!

One of my clients started this let's-get-healthy-weight-loss-thing. And they invited me to join. I don't know if I should be happy (yay! team player!) or offended (boo! you look a hot mess and better join our program!). But, I succumbed to peer pressure (eeeeeeverybody was doing it) and signed up. I thought it might give a fighting chance to those cute jeans that have been gathering dust in my closet for years...ever since S and I took up eating ice cream in bed. (anyone else put on the first-year-of-marriage 15 and the omg-ttc 20?)

Yesterday was the first day. And other than over compensating with the coffee and diet coke, all went well. Until last night. When I had this frenzied dream where I was desperately scooping a mixture of marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips out of a mixing bowl with my bare hands. I could not get enough! And the weird thing is...chocolate chips? Yes! You can always count me in (well, except now, when I'm doing this healthy thing). But marshmallow fluff? I hate marshmallow fluff!! If it's a sign of desperation, I can't wait to see what day two brings....


  1. Ugh. I hear you on the post-wedding pre-baby weight. What are we going to do about ACTUAL baby weight? I have a little container of carrot sticks and baby tomatoes to keep me away from the valentine's m&ms that are still lurking around my desk at work...

  2. yes and yes to the weight gain before ever getting pregnant. marital bliss + slowing metabolism = one wide-assed pomegranate. i've gone up 2 pant sizes since i started living with my wife and was on my way into a 3rd from TTC hormonal body changes before this pregnancy saved me.

    fortunately, the combination of (1) tam's obsession with feeding the unborn child healthy foods (she cooks in our house), (2) my overwhelming nausea/aversions, and (3) daily prenatal yoga have actually made me look better pregnant than I did pre-pregnancy. of course i've gained weight and my belly/boobs are growing all the time, but i've lost an inch off my hips and my maternity pants are actually getting looser instead of tighter. who knew?

  3. Mmmm, post marriage, ttc - how about 40 lbs. Nice, eh? All I can say is learn to love water, girl!