Thursday, March 3, 2011


Question 1: F

Question 2: The ever popular write in answer E - just be honest

And I will. Just be honest. I already picked out a super cute present from her registry. We are tight in that old friend way where you can see each other all the time or sometimes go for weeks without even talking (we both travel for work...I'm in Germany right now...hi!) but just pick up right where you left off. So we'll meet in a coffee shop with our laptops and I'll tell her what's up and she'll understand and life will go on. The thing is, while I dread the baby-shower-ness, I am so super excited for the actual baby-ness.

Speaking of super excited baby-ness...Yay for the bionics!

And speaking of super excitedness, it's S's birthday on Tuesday. While this brings us one step closer to being official old ladies (boo), we do have lots of hikes and birthday dinners and one terrific present planned. I'll tell you all about it next week....

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  1. Hi, Germany. I'm jealous. I sometimes travel downtown for a workshop, usually in my free time.