Monday, February 28, 2011

multiple multiple choice

My ex-girlfriend is:
a) Pregnant (on the second try!)
b) One of my BFFs
c) Married to a boy
d) Totally in the closet about her homo past (we'll just call our time together her rumspringa year...except she's not amish)
e) Having a baby shower next month
f) All of the above

My RSVP to the baby shower will likely be:
a) Sorry, I'm traveling for work that weekend (totally plausible since I do that all the time)
b) Sorry, I have leprosy (not plausible at all, but who wants to take chances with a pregnant lady, right?)
c) Sure, I'll suck it up. If I start crying, that's what they have bathrooms for
d) Wouldn't miss it for the world. I'll be a big girl and leave my jealousy at the door

Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section....


  1. I vote for "Sorry, I can't make it!" thus, no lies and no big girl sucking it up. You can always send of drop off a lovely gift later!

  2. I agree with the "I can't make it" I've sent that response...and I will probably do it again. :)

  3. I've skipped out on group parties at a pregnant friend's house, group parties to which a pregnant friend is invited although not at said pregnant friend's house, birthdays and baby showers. I avoid it all. And I don't admit why but my friends are wonderful people and if the pregnant ones don't figure it out, someone gently tells them and they're very supportive and sweet about it. "Luckily," I have a few friends with fertility issues (two have had m/cs and are still working on #1, two have had m/cs and have their #1) so they get it and are able to explain it for me, in my absence, to someone who doesn't get it.

    I think skipping out is fine. She'll be plenty distracted and if she's a good friend, she'll understand.

  4. i vote for (e) as well... no need to explain yourself. just say you can't make it.

    depending on how close to this friend you are and what your threshold is for dealing with pregnancy, it might be nice to make a date with her for the week before or after to show you still care for her and give her a present.