Friday, February 25, 2011

mostly completely off topic

Remember this? And how I was all, YAY! MY PHONE! I'm so glad to have you back!

Well, the best cell phone company ever just emailed me to say it's time for my free-ish upgrade. And now I'm eyeing my beloved bberry and wondering if I shouldn't retire it to the recycle bin in favor of something better! newer! faster!

And here's how it (vaguely) relates to babies. I'm secretly jealous when you all talk about your i.Phones and the cool cycle charter/breastfeeding/napping/blogging/etc apps that you have.

So here's the situation.
I *need* businessy type things on my phone (push email, ability to open word documents, etc)
I *want* fun type things on my phone (an app that will sound an alarm 5 minutes before I ovulate)

And here's what the best cell phone company ever has to offer:
L.G Opt.imus S
BBerry Style 96.70
San.yo SCP-86.00
BBerry Bold 96.50
BBerry Curve 93.30

Anyone have good/bad experiences that they want to share? Recommendations? (Clearly, none of the above is an i.Phone, but can android save the day and offer me the best of both worlds?)


  1. I'm an iPhone girl so I've got nothing to offer. Sorry. But new phones are fun!

  2. go with Droid.. if you switch to Verizon, get Droid Pro. It's a droid/blackberry style phone.

    otherwise, Evo (droid phone) should have all the same fertility apps in the Marketplace also.

  3. I so wish I had your cell phone company here. Can't offer you any advice re: phones, but I did want to reply that the sweet DOES indeed eclipse the bitter!