Friday, January 28, 2011

Mustering up some good vibes

Things at my house suck right now. And I will leave it at that. But in an effort not to be completely MIA from my blog I thought I'd send out this sometimes-people-do-nice-things story to the world.

If you've read for any length of time, you probably know I travel for work somewhat frequently. Over the years I've had pretty good make-the-flight, not-arrive-too-delayed, didn't-lose-my-baggage karma (knock.on.wood.) And partly due to that, I've gotten a tad lazy about leaving on time for the airport. So. Last week. I dawdle too much leaving the house. I get to the airport and there's just about no parking. I *finally* park and again dawdle too long answering emails on my bberry. And then I rush to my flight. And at this airport, you have to take a train to your terminal (well, you don't have to, you can walk, except when you're late, because the train is faster). But the lady in front of me is moving soooooo slow. And I'm getting annoyed. And the train is about to leave and I don't want to wait for the next one. So I run past little-slow-lady and jump on the train...just in time to see my bberry fly from my jacket pocket and fall directly in the 1 inch space between the train the floor. I couldn't have thrown the damn thing in there if I had tried!! And that's it. It's gone. ("Oh, that's bad," says the observant man next to me on the train)

So, yadda yadda yadda....

After freaking out, catching my flight with just seconds to spare, and getting online mid-flight, I manage to email the man who is in charge of the trains at the airport and:
1. He emails back right away to say that he'll send a tech down that night to see if my phone is down there
2. He emails again to say that not only did they find my phone, but it wasn't smashed to smithereens by the train and seems to be working
3. After I get back to town (2-bberry-less-days-later) he meets me in the middle of his work day to give me back my phone
4. He refuses to accept the gift card I got him as a thank you and says, it's just part of his job...

...thus restoring my faith in humanity and my access to my client contacts and my free bubble game app.


  1. I'm so sorry things suck at your house, but I do indeed love this story!

  2. very heartwarming.

    i once lost my purse in the neighborhood tam used to work several miles away from our home. someone left it on our doorstep during the night, contents intact. i never even got the opportunity to say thank you.

    there truly are good people in the world!

    hopefully this will mark a turn for the better for you all around.

  3. Yay for good people in the world! I'm very sorry things are not going all that well in your home and hope to read that things are resolved soon. Also - I've awarded you a blog award (or three?). If you feel like participating the details are over on my page.

  4. Hi Jenny! I don't know how to find your blog. When I click on your profile, there's no website listed. Will you send me the link?