Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dumb question

How come I can't comment on some wordpress blogs? (or maybe all wordpress blogs and I just don't realize it) They ask me to log in. And to get a log in, they ask me to start a wordpress blog. Clearly I am missing something. Or I just haven't had enough coffee. Help for the technically challenged?

Hi Pom! I'd love to comment back as I've been following for awhile but...I can't...yet.


  1. You don't actually have to start a WP blog but sometimes you have to register w WP for an account to comment on certain blogs (depends on how the blog owner has it set up. And yes Pom's blog you have to sign in to comment). Not a dumb question. It's confusing!

  2. Hi!

    People keep saying that to me. I'm sorry. I don't keep my comments open to anonymous posts to avoid some of comment drama that some other blogs have faced. :(

    I guess I never noticed this as a complication because even when I was on Blogger, I had set up a Wordpress account to make a placeholder. You can actually set up a Wordpress account and then adjust the settings of your profile so that it links people directly to your blog on Blogger or wherever.