Monday, January 3, 2011

the good, the bad, and the funny

1. I have now spent a week obsessing over fibroids, my inability to get maternity insurance (that's a whole other post), could've/should've/would've's, if only's, and what to do next. And you know what it's brought me? The beginnings of an ulcer and peace. Yes, that's right. Because what I've realized is, we're 1(ish) steps away from adding a baby to our family. Within the next few months we either get cleared for IVF or get our homestudy approved. And if we're really lucky, one of those two things will bring me what I really want. And that's a family. And that's good.

2. Damn, this infertility crap has taken a toll on my relationship with S. And that's bad.

3. This made me LAUGH. And who couldn't use that?


  1. Because I am optimistic--what will you do if you get both IVF and homestudy approved? Will you go forward with both?

  2. I guess we'll have twins ;)
    Actually, I don't know what we'll do. At this point I can't imagine both working out (or either, for that matter - thank you IF depression). My secret suspicion is that this maybe-you-can-do-IVF is not a real thing. We have talked about moving forward with our original plan (ie, putting the homestudy on hold so we can bake one and then buy one). But that seems too good to be true.