Wednesday, April 27, 2011


...we've been assigned a social worker.

There has been much smiling and dancing on our part.

The timeline is a bummer though.
October 29 = sign up with adoption agency
February 4 = adoption agency says they haven't received our federal finger prints yet
March 23 = adoption agency says they received our federal finger prints back in December (WTF)
March 28 = turn in paperwork
April 25 = assigned social worker (yes, I'm annoyed that it took them a month)
April 27 = social worker calls to set up appointments
May 12 = "off-site" meeting with social worker
May 26 = home visit with social worker
June 9 = social worker estimates she'll finish our report, which means our info officially goes into circulation with the potential baby mamas


That's a long time to wait to begin waiting.
But damn, that's not too far away at all and I couldn't be smiling any bigger right now.


  1. It looks like everything is spaced out in 2 week increments from here on out. So you do have tww's!! lol. I hope it doesn't seem too excruciating while you wait for June 9th.

  2. You are right! I didn't even see that huge coincidence staring me in the face :)

  3. That is a long time to wait, but you're so much closer to having your baby!