Wednesday, April 20, 2011

secret agents and a spider

Wait, wait, wait.
Boring, boring, boring.

But we did get our photos done this weekend/yesterday. You don't know me, so you probably don't know that I look like a scared deer in photographs. In. All. Photographs. S loves to take photos. And she happens to be really good at it. So our vacations typically consist of:
Click. Can you not make your eyes so big?
Click. Try not to look so scared.
Click. Seriously. Just relax.

But back to the trying-to-take-a-photo-for-the-birth-mother-letter. A friend of a friend of a friend is an amateur photographer and offered up her services. We spent a whole day trying to find cute outfits that coordinated but weren't too matchy. There was even an emergency run to the outlet mall - although the best thing we got was a molten lava cake from chilli's on the way home. We tried to apply makeup. I have to say that S looked pretty damn good. I looked like a lost clown. We went to get our picture taken.

The pictures were sort of kind of OK. But mostly crappy. (I'd show you, but since this is my secret agent baby blog, that information is classified)
So, we scheduled a reshoot. (it's not that we're super divas, it's more that the adoption agency said we messed up the lighting and had to try again)

And then.

I got bit.

By a spider.


Yes, I now look like the proud owner of a rapidly proliferating communicable disease. Luckily I had some antibiotics left over from the LAST TIME* I was bit by a spider. And thanks to good drugs, lots of ice packs, and some poorly applied concealer...ahhh, who are we kidding...that hot mess was photoshop worthy.

But we have our picture. And you'll have to take my word for it, it turned out kind of nice.

*Yes, I said last time. And there was a time before that, too. And I have the scars to prove it.


  1. so the spiders love your lips? crazy!

  2. Well, the other times were 1) my ear and 2) my leg. Terminex coming on Monday!

  3. Spiders scare the breathe out of me! You are braver than me. I am so glad that your profile is coming along nicely.