Thursday, June 2, 2011

Best. Diet. Ever.

Accept work trip to Bogota and Guadalajara.
Try desperately not to drink the water.
Fail miserably.

Colombia + coffee = yum.
Even the hotel coffee was delicious.
However, I suspect this was the culprit.

Thank goodness I brought some coffee beans home with me.
You know, so I can enjoy it without the giardia and all.


  1. oh god. sugar and i had giardia once. (from the US, for what it's worth; my mother has gotten it 3 times in the US and australia.)

    may your time with flagyl be brief and effective.

  2. Yep, coffee is made with WATER but you'd think boiling would have killed the germs. Or perhaps the cups were rinsed with germy water.

    I had Bali belly once, lost 9 lbs. Awesome.