Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home Study Part III: The Best Line

Ditzypants sent us the first draft of the home study. Yes, she spelled S's name wrong throughout. And made a few, um, interesting errors. But the best line was this:

"J shares a home with S, whom she has known for 6 years and has shared a home with for 3 years. S has been very supportive of J’s plan to be a mother. S would like to be involved in the child’s life and to help out in whatever way J needs her to be involved. She is available to babysit."

Thank you, red state, for reducing my marriage to a babysitting relationship of convenience.


  1. NO! That is just what I posted about being thankful for in our (still clinging to a bit of blue) state. Is it the agency that forces her to word things this way? Did you two have to phrase things this way? Or is it state law?

    I'm sorry.

    At least it's okay to sleep with the babysitter ;)

  2. We happen to live in a little blue city in a big red state. So the wording on our home study was definitely state law (the crappy writing was just the social worker's preference ;)). But at the same time, everything is out in the open at our agency and the social worker, the judge, and any potential birth moms will have an accurate depiction of our relationship - despite what the home study says.

  3. WTF I hate the mandatory diminishing of queer relationships.
    On the up side: one step closer to having a munchkin!

  4. WTF!!!!!!!! Grrrrr - ditzypants sucks and is probably in the closet!

  5. damn. do you think that's what she thought or did she misguidedly think she was helping you out?

    recent news in illinois: since same-sex civil unions are now legal, catholic charities have decided to stop doing adoptions in case they might legally have to place a baby with a gay couple (because they receive state funding and therefore cannot discriminate). they're now suing the state. bigots will be bigots...

  6. Ohmigod. It's not babysitting, it's parenting!!!!!