Monday, July 18, 2011

2 signatures and that time I almost burned down the house

In (waiting to wait to) adoption news:
We are two signatures away from actually being approved to join the real live waiting list. I'm trying to dwell on the positive ([almost] almost there [!]) instead of the negative (OM f'ing G we started this damn process last October).

In other news:
We had a super good time watching the soccer game on Sunday. And now I can't wait to live vicariously through my children and force them into every sport my mom never let me play. Just kidding. Sort of.

After the game we came home and I attempted to make this cake as a birthday present to myself (I'll be out of town for my real birthday later this month - and if we're being honest, S is not the baker in the family - but then, by the end of this post you'll realize, clearly, neither am I). I found the recipe via this post over at Love Invents Us. And just as I was cleaning up from all the hard work and daydreaming about the chocolatey payoff, the smoke started coming out of the oven. And I started freaking out. Which turned into me yelling for S to lock up the kitties* so I could open the back door to let the smoke out (we don't have a fan in the kitchen but we do have a smoke alarm that automatically calls the fire department and I have an irrational fear of fire trucks showing up for a false alarm birthday cake gone bad disaster). S tried to fan the smoke toward the door while I burned my fingers rushing the baking sheets to the backyard. The cake remnants now reside in the trashcan. And the house has this vague burny smell. But all is not lost as 1) the smoke alarm never went off and 2) I have a coupon for an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins (mmmmmm, mint chocloate chip).

*Don't worry, they are fine. In our house locking up the kitties = putting them in the bedroom and closing the door.

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  1. glad everyone's okay. the cake in the picture is gorgeous.