Friday, July 29, 2011

And then I was 37

Damn time flies. How is it that I still feel 22 but my driver's license insists on 37? I feel 40 breathing down my neck. And it's not pleasant. However I do have good news to share.

HOME STUDY approved. We're just waiting to receive it in the mail so we can add our signatures and get it back to the agency. (There always seems to be just one more step, doesn't there?)

HAD A GREAT VISIT with my family. My 3 nieces were unbelievably adorable. They left me a b'day voicemail. All 3 of them screaming into the phone at once. Oldest monkey (6 years): I love you to the moon and back! Middle monkey (4 years): I love you one hundred dollars! Baby monkey (2.5 years): Love you whole world! They crack me up (and make me feel all warm fuzzy special).

BEING WHISKED away by my girl as soon as I get home. We're going to the mountains for hiking and a side trip to the county fair (complete with funnel cake and redneck watching!).

Guess 37 is not too bad after all.

This is my first attempt to post from my phone - please excuse the typos (stuck at the airport. trying to catch up on life via blackberry)


  1. (attempt #3 to post a comment... grr)

    yay!! i say welcome the 40's!!

    and congrats on the home study!! im not sure what format yours will be in but ours included their overall assessment of us as a couple, individually and their thoughts about our relationship, house, family, etc. it was so weird to read! even the positive stuff somehow felt... well, invasive. *shiver*

    i also remember getting PISSED that they said i was "gentle". i wrote an entire post about it. lol. (

    congrats on clearing another hurdle!!

  2. awesome news about the home study! I'm thrilled for you both, especially that the process is constantly moving in the right direction.
    Kids.. gotta love them! My niece and nephew are THE BEST! lol.


    and happy birthday.

  4. Congrats on the approval and happy (belated) birthday!