Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blogger comments/Agency comments - *updated*

Jersey over at the woes of a barren lesbo found the magic cure for the recent Blogger commenting debacle. Go check it out if you too are lost in a maze of comment verifications and log in screens.

Steps left before we are added to the wait list (which is more like the please-give-me-patience-because-I-feel-like-I've-been-waiting-for-years-and-this-is-really-just-the-start-of-the-process-list):

1. Email agency to confirm approval only to be told that we are missing two pieces of paperwork (done!)
2. Hand deliver two pieces of paperwork, one of which is a checklist to guide us on our paperwork journey (seems like we should have received this *before* we completed our paperwork, but - done!)
3. Receive the news that we will be officially approved by the end of the day and cleared to order hard copies of our "dear birth mother letter" (that was yesterday - still not done) (done!)
4. Order letters (done!)
5. Sign letters and mail to distribution center
6. Confirm distribution center receipt of letters
7. Agency switches us to "active" and our website goes live

I'm a list maker and this makes me feel slightly less like throttling someone over at the agency better.

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  1. nice list.. and only a few things left to be accomplished! it seems like such a long time but you'll have a munchkin in your arms before ya know it!