Monday, August 15, 2011

Approved! Approved! Approved!

We finally did it. Our paperwork is approved, our hard copy letters are where they need to be (oh, did I not tell you the part about how the printer shipped our letters to the wrong house...3,000 miles away???), and our profile is online (as of the evening of 8.12.11)!

WE ARE SO EXCITED!! It took us 9.5 months to get here (wait, who's counting?) but our smiles couldn't be bigger. We are officially available! The wait to start the wait is over!!

We had a wonderful celebratory weekend together, sharing the news with friends/family and just basking in the possibilities of it all.

What's next? A few distractions to pass the time. More on that tomorrow....


  1. shut. the. front. door. IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TWO!!! yay!!!!

  2. YES! Super excited for you both. I can't wait to hear more about this!