Thursday, August 4, 2011

Has anyone else noticed...

...that there is an inordinate number of red headed babies born to lesbians? It all started when we watched Making Grace on Netflix one night a year or so ago. Their baby's red hair is even noted in the movie synopsis: "Baby Grace is born on time with bright red hair (a trait known to neither family)". And not to spoil the ending, but Grace is not the only red head they end up bringing home. And ever since then, they keep seeming to appear in my little slice of the world (on blogs, in real life). Not that it means one thing or another, but I find it interesting given how rare the trait is in the general population.


  1. We have a red head and no genetic reason for it. So weird!

  2. Yeah, well, we paid good money for red-headed sperm and ours is blonde ;-)