Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mileage Mondays (except today is Tuesday)

S and I are fully and legally cleared to adopt. Our profile is up in the open adoption arena and now we wait for someone to pick us. Every time my phone rings I about jump out of my skin. We don't know how long the wait will be. Three weeks? Six months? Two years? We so hope the wait is short.

In order to pass the time, and to shrug off the last of that post-wedding-fat-and-happy, ttc-i'll-blame-it-on-hormones, and just plain old there's-no-excuse-for-it weight gain, we've decided to be runners. We also figured it wouldn't hurt to be healthy and in shape when the kid finally does show up. We hear they are a lot of work. (And just as an FYI, we're starting from zero. We're basically turning off the netflix, putting the ice cream back in the freezer, and hitting the pavement.)

So, instead of counting the days that have passed since we've been waiting to adopt (I think that has the potential to depress me right over a cliff), I'm going to count the miles I've run. Every Monday (except today, which is Tuesday) I'll update the tally.

Starting from our "go live" date, 8.12.11.
Miles run this week: 4.4
Miles run since our profile went live: 4.4

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  1. Great idea! This would have helped so much while we were waiting.