Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's been going on

  • I feel like all I ever write about are major events in my trying-to-have-kids life. I'd like to change that
  • S and I got a new couples counselor. And we've been fighting. And grieving. That's hard work
  • Logo is going to produce a new reality-ish series on gay people building their families. I talked to one of the casting people this week (hurdle 1 I guess?). We're considering sending in the paperwork and casting video for hurdle 2. Not sure yet as S and I are pretty private people (see: anonymous blogging). But I do feel like the stories of how we build our families are important. Although, I wish the series was going to be broadcast somewhere other than Logo (ie, preaching to the choir)
  • Starb.cks skinny mocha = yucky. Tastes like chemicals
  • I got a $5 am.zon credit for filling out a survey (I'm an online survey whore for extra pennies, dollars, sky.miles, and gift certificates). Turns out am.zon is now selling online access to videos. For $4.99 (ie, free with my credit) I downloaded 3 episodes of a cheesy workout video. I huffed and puffed my way through episode 1 yesterday. Things I learned: 1) I am so out of shape (I already knew that, however, the sad sad state of my body has now been confirmed) 2) the internet is a dream come true for introverts - I met my wife, run my business, publish my innermost thoughts, and now exercise all online. Yay!
  • Failed matches = hard. I keep blog surfing because I can't stop poking at this wound. I want to stop or just be happy for others who have made it to the parenting side of this journey. But instead I focus on the jealous or the hurt or the it-will-never-be-me. I need to stop that
  • I thought this article on parents/children that are gay/Jewish/of color was interesting

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  1. My first match didn't come through and that was - looking back - perfect. My kid and I are as happy as can be!! Your baby is still out there.