Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things I might write about when I stop being such a basket case

  • Due date has come and gone. Sometimes I think she has changed her mind, sometimes I think she's just having him later than expected
  • Trans-racial adoption and the expected reaction from the small-town Southern half of our family and the unexpected reaction (or maybe expected because I already knew they are all damn crazy) from the hippie liberal livin'-on-the-coast half of our family
  • Induced lactation - the ups, the downs, the need for new (read: bigger) bras to contain these monsters (or as S says, goddesses [thanks S!]), and how sometimes I want to crawl out of my skin while pumping
  • Giving up all parts of the "birth plan" I had dreamed about when we were TTC and accepting the fact that I no longer get to make decisions about things like vitamin K shots and immediate skin to skin contact
  • How f'ing excited we are
  • How f'ing scared we are
  • The pile of heart meltingly cute baby clothes sitting on top of my dresser - do I ever love pants with animal faces on the butt


  1. So excited! And sorry that people are jerks--it won't matter when you've got your baby in your arms.

  2. i'm so excited and nervous for you and eagerly anticipating more posts!

  3. You are so cute. I send happy vibes that your families come together to love and support your little one!

  4. whoa! i drop out of the blog scene for a little bit and miss everything! excitement! concern! excitement!

    whew. i am beat. all i can say is that i am hoping everything works out, that i hear you on the tata front (fwiw, mine are pretty normal-sized now, i think, though i am wearing nursing bras so i can't be sure), and that yes, it is so true about animal-butt pants. so, so true.