Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 Weeks: A Mini Update

  • I emailed HR - IVF coverage confirmed - dancing on the rooftops ensues
  • Quick call to the RE's office and I have an ultrasound scheduled for the next day - I wanted them to check on my fibroids - if they've grown and surgery would leave me looking like swiss cheese down there, I don't want to give up my self-employment for this new job
  • Good(ish) news - I'm an IVF candidate! Primary fibroid has grown - about the size of an orange (I'm working on a bit of a fruit basket - last time I had a dermoid the size of a grapefruit) and I'll still need the polyp removed. But RE says it's a simple surgery (maybe "simple" for him to do, but I'll be in the hospital for 1-2 nights and in bed for 4 weeks!). The day of my appointment it's CD9 and I have only 3 antral follicles (not a promising number), my ovaries are smallish (boo), and he draws blood to check my eggs (for IVF) and my iron (for surgery)
  • Talk with THE BOSS at the new job. SIGNIFICANT pay cut confirmed. Also, he's not looking to hire someone right away and won't even know until April if he's actually going to fill the spot (grrrr)
  • I talk with S about pros and cons and we decide we want to go for it - now just waiting for official job offer
  • My family calls to say my grandpa is dying on the other side of the country
  • I catch the next flight out and spend two weeks with family. It is unbearably sad. He is like my Dad, but better, because he is my Grandpa. During one of my visits, he wakes up and is about 75% coherent and we have this great conversation. As of today, he is still alive, but he is not waking up anymore. I am just wishing him pain-free peace.
  • While I'm with family, the lab calls with my blood results and I'm within "normal" for everything (the old side of normal) - I couldn't believe it - I was secretly convinced they were going to call to say I was in menopause and should quit being crazy and showing up at RE offices
  • I flew back home yesterday. It's been really hard. He was one of the safest places I had as a kid. My kids are going to miss out, there is no one better to share a pepperoni pizza with
  • So what's next? As far as IFV - I wait to get the official job offer (hopefully they are hiring in April), I wait to get my new insurance instated, I wait to see if I'm actually going to be covered (IVF requires pre-approval, not sure how my medical history will affect that), I wait for CD1, and then I call to schedule the surgery, cross my fingers, and hope, hope, hope

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  1. Wow! Look at all the progress you've made with the IVF stuff. I hope the job situation works out in April. Having IVF covered would be awesome.. 4 weeks bed rest does not sound awesome though.

    So sorry about your grandfather!