Friday, August 31, 2012

Countdown: 4 weeks: The big surgery to-do list

4 weeks until I'm the proud recipient of some real live health insurance.

I work in healthcare. And I don't have any. And I will keep my thoughts about the US healthcare system to myself. For now.

Despite the politics of it all, I am SO EXCITED. And nervous. I am very very nervous because so many things have to happen. And not only happen, but turn out well.

  • HR has to process my health insurance forms correctly so that my coverage actually starts on October 1 (no small feat)
  • My lady bits, which can't grow babies, but can grow fibroids! and polyps! and dermoids! have to still be a good candidate for a myomectomy
  • My doctor has to have an opening in late october and agree to book my procedure
  • My insurance has to pre-auth and pay for my procedure
  • I can't develop any pre-op complications
  • My doctor has to be able to get the fibroids and the polyp out in one procedure, and declare my uterus fixed and ready for baby makin'
  • I can't develop any post-op complications
Then comes 3 months of recovery and a much longer IVF to-do list. But I'll save that for another day.
Fingers crossed!

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