Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AMH, CoQ10, and an RE I like

I was one lucky duck and my RE called and moved my appointment from November 1 to October 11. That's right, last week. I was ecstatic.

Everything is still pretty much status quo. Fibroid needs to come out and the RE thinks she can get it (and the polyp, and some endometriosis, and an extra little pedunculated fibroid they found, and potentially some adhesions from the last surgery) all at once. PHEW! She was very nice and very knowledgeable and I hope she's the one that does my IVF.

Interestingly, my AMH jumped from 1.3 (last year) to 2.0. I was pretty surprised. In my mind, it's due to a mix of the following:

  • My right ovary has healed from the dermoid surgery 2 years ago and is finally contributing to overall ovary duties (freeloader!)
  • I started taking CoQ10 about 3 months ago and all the anecdotal evidence on the web is true (yay questionable science!)
  • Luck
My RE says that the test isn't that sensitive and I'm probably somewhere between a 1.3 and a 2.0. So there's that. But either way, she said, "I can work with that," and you know what that means? It means hope.

Aside from hope, I also have anxiety (story of my life). Here's what I'm anxious about this week:
  • Insurance - things were going OK until the insurance case manager (yes, apparently they have those now) asked me how long I'd been having unprotected sex and I got all snarky about my female partner and she pointed out that I have to have had 6 months of unprotected HETEROSEXUAL sex (her emphasis, not mine) to be considered infertile. This may be the one time that I'm glad my lady bits are such a wreck. What with the ovary, the tube, and the ute all having one issue or another, she said I *may* count as medically infertile. Fingers crossed. (I am so mad at myself for messing that up)
  • Surgery - I was supposed to receive a call from the surgery scheduler yesterday or today. So far nothing. I'm basically willing the phone to ring (clearly my powers are limited). There is a lot of other random life stuff I need to plan around the surgery. And of course my eggs feel like little ticking time bombs and I just want to keep this whole thing moving along.


  1. Uughhhhhh. I hate snarky insurance people. I hope they still count you as medically infertile anyway.

    I'm glad you got to see the RE sooner than expected! I hope you've heard from the surgery scheduler by now.

    Looks like things are falling into place. :)

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