Thursday, March 28, 2013

IVF #1: CD4...this time with extra welts!

First injection last night went well. Except for that angry red welt that took over half my abdomen. As I sat around scratching my belly I googled "ganarelix + reaction" and found that it's a pretty common occurence. 30 minutes later I was as good as new. Same drill tonight. Baseline appointment tomorrow morning at 8:30!


  1. Oh, the things our bodies do! It's like they're saying, "I don't think this is hard enough on you. Here, try this!"

  2. I had the same reaction to ganirelix. Ice and cortisone seemed to help, though they may have just given me something to do while I waited.

    (PS, reading and cheering you on! My main device won't let me comment here. I'm hoping we get to be FET buddies in May.)