Friday, March 1, 2013

Sorrow floats. But so does hope.

I've been busy getting my act together. And licking my wounds. And going to doctor's appointments. And calling billing offices about doctor's bills (seriously, why can no one submit to my insurance the right way the first time. oh, and btw, having insurance =

At first, I was all panic-y about my MTHFR mutations (see previous post). As someone with a degree in mutations, you'd think I wouldn't dive off the deep end and read everything on the internet. And then believe it. But I did. But then I started being sane. And I saw my hematologist. 15 vials of blood later, she released me from her care. No other clotting disorders noted, just the perfect storm of bcp, surgery, and MTHFR. She did suggest that I not get pregnant, but I suggested that she come up with a better plan. So I'm on 80 mg lovenox twice a day for the long haul (until 8 weeks after any successful pregnancy).

I started taking supplements (B vitamins! 3 kinds!), but I still felt off. My TSH came back at 2.9, which isn't even high, but I asked for for some levothyroxin and'm.cured. That stuff is speed for middle aged people. I love it. Combine it with a cup of coffee in the morning and ICANCONQUERTHEWORLD. That little pill is seriously the highlight of my day. I secretly want to overdose.

So what's the plan? Next week I have a repeat CT, courtesy of my pulmonologist. If my lungs are clear, he will give me the OK for retrieval (March or April) and then transfer (May or June). Hopefully. We'll see. A lot of stuff has to go right. Two days after the CT, we go on vacation (YAY! we are going here and here and a bunch of other places). When we get back I have a pre-conception appointment with maternal fetal medicine. I'm not really sure what that's about, but my RE is requiring it now that I'm super-duper high risk. What's one more person looking at my hooha, right? That same day I have injection training and a trial transfer with my RE (you can imagine how thrilled my job is that I spend more time a the doctor's office than I do at my desk). And the following week, if everything goes well (and that's saying a lot), I'll start my period and we'll start our IVF cycle (What?? Yep, start our very first IVF).

Then, everything goes on ice. My pulmonologist wants me on 6 months of treatment before transfer. My clots were diagnosed on 12/21/12, so that puts us at my June cycle. You know I'm going to be pushing for May though. We're doing PGD (I still don't know if that's the right decision) and that means any resulting embryos have to be frozen anyway (that's just how my RE does it...I know not all labs follow that path). So it all kind of works out. We can do our retrieval cycle, send away for our PGD decoder ring, and then (fingers crossed) put something back late spring/early summer. I love this plan.  


  1. Glad that everything is going! I know how you felt with the MTHFR diagnosis but do now its so common and least harmful of the clotting family. Sending lots of luck and baby dust your way!

  2. There are two different BabyCenter groups for MTHFR moms with a wealth of info. I don't know which mutation I have, but I was prescribed Metanx and baby aspirin with Bunny. This time they've added Neevo DHA prenatals to the mix. But you probably already googled all this stuff? If you need the names of the groups, I can look them up when I'm at an actual computer and not on my phone.

    Bonus side effect of the meds (or being pregnant? chicken or egg?) is that it made my aura migraines go away, which I only recently learned are connected to the mutation.

  3. Oh, levothyroxine didn't change how I felt at all! I actually think the bazillions of naturopathic meds have done more... but I'm glad it's working for you!

  4. Such an exciting plan! Crossing my fingers and settling in for the wait with you!