Thursday, August 22, 2013

IVF #2: Baseline Ultrasound

I got reacquainted with the dildocam this morning. I forgot how sad it is to sit in the sad waiting room with the sad ladies. I did not forget how uncomfortable it is to take your pants off, throw your legs in the stirrups, and have a stranger jab at your uterus with a stick. Righty, my little underachiever, was silent on the matter of IVF #2. No follicles. No cysts. No nothing. This has been typical since my 2010 surgery to remove the dermoid. Lefty kept the party going with multiple follicles ("several" was the official count) and one big cyst. The cyst landed me in the blood draw room so they could check my hormone levels. I've been anxious about it all afternoon, but the nurse just called and I'm cleared to start stims tomorrow.

I have a little suspicion that the "cyst" is actually a mini dermoid. My surgeon said she suspected lefty had a small dermoid, but she didn't want to cut into my intact ovary, since righty had been hacked to pieces. And that same cyst showed up during IVF #1. It's probably a hairy, toothy, mini-me of the tumor that was removed back in 2010.

For the record, estrogen was 52 (I'm on vivelle patches) and TSH was 1.7 (which is the lowest I've been since I started levothyroxine).

The excitement is starting to creep in. I've been feeling eeyore-ish in general lately. But this bit of good news has me smiling. Stims tomorrow. Follicle check on Wed. Here we go....


  1. Sad room, for sure. We were in the waiting room making fun of the People royal baby photo spread, and as soon as another couple walked in we felt like total jerks. I am excited for you! Come on, lefty!

  2. Dermoids are one of the weirder things our bodies do, for my money. I mean, really. WTF?

    Woot! For getting off to a good start with pretty numbers!