Wednesday, August 28, 2013

IVF #2: Stim day 6 *updated*

Today was my first follicle check since my baseline. I was a nervous wreck this morning. S and I have been fighting, which I notice we do during every IVF (WTF). I am so anxious/nervous/obsessed with this cycle. I'd like to say it's because it's our last one. But it's not (well, it is our last one, it's just not the reason for my general neuroses). It's because it's fucking hard. It's because it's a dream we've been chasing (unsuccessfully) for 4 years. It's because I want this to work so bad. It's because I'm injecting buckets of hormones that may or may not have been extracted from nun urine. It's because it's IVF. The stupid thing is, it doesn't matter how much I worry, the outcome is the outcome.

Deep breath.

So far so good on my follicle counts. I had to look back (IVF #1: stim day 5) as I didn't remember the specifics, but this cycle is shaping up to be pretty similar to last cycle (let's hope the outcome is different). Today, righty had 1 follicle at 11 mm and ~5 at 10 mm. Lefty had the ever present cyst (now a whopping 24 mm), as well as 1 follicle at 11 mm and ~8 at less than 10 mm. I'm a little nervous about those two lead 11's. But hopefully everyone will catch up and grow nicely. Still holding strong at 450 IU Bravelle and 150 IU Menopur. Last time I started at 300/150, jumped to 450/150 on stim day 5 and back down to 300/150 on stim day 9. I'm not sure if I expected more eggs with the higher starting dose, new protocol, and 3ish months of supplements (DHEA, CoQ10, metformin, extra vitamins), but I do have my fingers crossed for better quality.

The RE is strongly recommending growth hormone (saizen). I'm supposed to order it today and start it tomorrow. It's damn expensive. But since this is our last go, I'm going to do it.

I'm not as bloaty as last time. During IVF #1 I felt like I had the worst gas ever and I couldn't even button my pants. This time, I have some lower back cramps (that's my typical spot for period aches and pains) and some very stabby stomach cramps. Not sure what that's about. Feels more like endometriosis pain than stim pain. Last time, around stim day 9, I was so uncomfortable I questioned if I would even make it to retrieval. However, I was recently talking to a friend (now 36 weeks pregnant with her IVF baby) and she had 44 eggs retrieved (!!!!) with no IVF pain at all. Seriously??? (on a side note, she's 39, did PGD, had only 4 genetically  normal embryos, put two back, and will be meeting her daughter in the next few weeks).

I'm pretty excited. Overwhelmed. And scared. I'm glad I go back every 2 days as I need the constant reassurance that things are progressing. Next up, follicle check Friday morning.

Nurse just called. Estrogen is 295 and progesterone is 0.4. Last time, estrogen was 176 on stim day 5. Tomorrow, I add ganirelix (every night until trigger) and saizen 8 IU (every night until retrieval).


  1. 44 eggs and no pain? Weird how different bodies are. My 32 hurt like heck.

    Sounds like there's a lot that's more promising this cycle. Now come on, universe! Deliver!

  2. Glad it's not as uncomfortable as last time. I hope you are cutting each other some slack--it's stressful as hell even before the hormones kick in and start making everything worse. Hoping for continued good news!