Thursday, April 4, 2013

IVF #1: CD11: stim day 5 - it's working! (*updated)

First U/S and blood draw since I started stims on Sunday night. I've been feeling bloaty/crampy but was trying to pass it off on my nightly ice cream indulgence. I was a little afraid I was going to be sent home with no follicles and a diagnosis of gas pains. But things turned out way better than just some mild GI disturbance. Righty, my little under achiever who never quite recovered from the 2010 dermoid surgery, is holding steady with ~5 follicles, all under 10mm. Lefty, my little workhorse, has ~5 follicles, all under 10mm, along with a few at 11mm and a few at 12mm. You go lefty! Lining is at 8mm and estrogen results should come in this afternoon. The only potential issue is what appears to be a functional cyst. A small cyst was noted at my baseline appointment, but since my estrogen was low, I was cleared to cycle. However, the cyst is now bigger and appears cloudy on U/S. I'm hoping this doesn't impact my other little eggs. Next appointment is on Saturday and I can hardly wait!

Nurse just called. Estrogen is 176. Doc says to increase my meds (add 150 IU Bravelle) to help some of those smaller follies catch up. New Rx is for 450 IU Bravelle and 150 IU Menopur.

Crap. Does that mean it isn't working? I was all happy this morning (yay! there's eggs!), but now I'm worried they are growing too slow. At least they have a few days to catch up.


  1. you've got time, those little ones will catch up. doc is probably just upping the meds to try to get the absolute best results possible. hang in there, you're doing great!

  2. No worries! They just upped my wife's dosage today after they said her follies looked great on the us and are where they should be. It's all about timing it right and not growing them too fast or slow. I'm sure you're doing great!