Monday, April 8, 2013

IVF #1: CD13: stim day 7 - ups and downs

Let's start with the downs. I had an appointment Saturday morning. Things were not looking so good. I cried. Follies had grown an average of 1mm in 2 days. I can't remember the exact measurements because I was so nervous/upset. Mostly 10s and 12s, I think. There may have been a 13mm. They kept my meds the same and told me to come back in two days. Later that afternoon, they called with my blood results, estrogen: 743 and progesterone: 0.5. The estrogen made me feel a little better...quite a jump from the high 100s at my last visit. I have no idea where my progesterone falls on the "normal" range. If work would stop bugging me with deadlines and conference calls, I'd have time to look it up ;) More later this afternoon with results from this morning's scan.... 


  1. They want your progesterone to stay below 2 but mine went up to 2.7 and I still got pregnant so I wouldnt worry about that. They were looking for my estrogen to double every 2 days. They based my meds off that more then the follicle size. Growing slow they say is a good thing. You want quality and they say if they grow to fast you dont get quality! Sounds like things are going well to me!!

  2. i stumbled on your blog today, and i just wanted to send you and those follies some positive vibes. <3 and good wishes from another queer gal who has been through hell in the family-creation process.