Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Study Part II: The Anticlimax

After much ulcer inducing anxiety, the home study was a complete and utter bore. Ditzypants was 15 minutes late and stayed *maybe* at total of 15 minutes at our house. The highlights?
-How would you describe your decorating style? (lesbian chic?)
-How would you describe your landscape style? (that which requires minimal effort?)
-What churches are in your neighborhood? (apparently I looked flustered after this question [which was really just me trying not to say, how the f would I know, lapsed jews tend not to keep track of the christians in the neighborhood]...so she went on to explain it was a state law [STATE LAW!] that they include local churches in the home study even if you do not plan on attending them [honey, if you're reading this - WE HAVE TO MOVE])

And that was it.
She asked if we had smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, but did not go looking for them or try to test them (after I spent hours [HOURS!] obsessing over their batteries and functionality and placement)
She said our house looked nice.
And that she'd be in touch in about 2 weeks.
And then she was gone.

Moral of the story: If you're up for a home study...don't sweat it. But maybe read a few decorating magazines because they're totally going to want to know if you're more of a modern minimalist or French traditionalist.

In case you were wondering...we're an on-sale-at-Pier1-bargainist.

You can read Part I here.


  1. Wow those are some stupid questions. Glad that's over with.

  2. Lol to your answers! Glad it was over quick--too bad it was a waste of your time. I guess if they go in and you look like nice, normal people they just have to make small talk until it's appropriate to leave so they can stamp 'approved' on your file and get on to the next house.

  3. My partner said "no more buying baby things or redecorating until we get the social worker thumbs up". But, that hasn't stopped either one of us from nursery drooling. I was so excited by question one, after many hours on ohdeedoh, I had an answer for that! Thrifty chic!

    So excited, as if having the answer to a WTF question is going to help get us a baby. Truly--WTF?????

  4. Damn. Anticlimax is right. Glad it's over so that you can move on to getting that baby!

  5. lol. glad it's done, and painlessly.