Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And on the 7th day, god said, "get thee to a specialist"

It is really important to me to try to breast feed our (maybe, one day) baby. I'm trying to have realistic expectations about the whole thing - that the "trying" and "at least a little bit" will be enough. I'm going to follow this protocol for induced lactation.

So, first step, stock pile birth control pills since I'll need to start a new box every 3 weeks (no placebos). I make an appointment with my primary care physician, because it's birth control. Women pop these pills every day. No big deal, right? Apparently, it is a very big deal. Dr. Spineless acts all interested at first, listens to my request for a very specific type of birth control, tells me he can't wait to read more on the subject because he just loves learning new things every day, wishes me luck, and sends me on my way to pick up the Rx that he e-filed from his handy little MD iPhone. And I get to the pharmacy to pick up my pills and it's the wrong Rx. He bait and switched me! I call the office and two days later Dr. Spineless calls me back all stuttery and uncomfortable and says that he talked to his OB/GYN friend and *they* just really don't feel OK with the protocol and I can use this *other* BC because they're more familiar with that or what they *really* recommend is that I be followed by a reproductive endocrinologist. And do I know what a reproductive endocrinologist is? They are this special kind of doctor that, blah, blah, blah...."

Really? I should be followed by an RE for birth control? I was SO MAD. And remember, this is after I paid my copay, paid for my useless Rx, and wasted my time. Ugh.

However, remember the BFF, with the new baby? Well, guess who knows a lactation consultant. I called the LC and she recommended a midwifery practice in town. I saw the certified nurse midwife yesterday who was supportive and kind and excited. And I walked out of there with the perfect Rx and 5 boxes of samples.

Me: You're going to give me all five boxes??
CNM: (chuckling) Yeah, we don't have a lot of use for them here.
Me: Oh, right....

I have to say, it was a little tough being in baby birthing central. And it still bothers me when the intake person assumes everyone is straight.

Intake nurse: What kind of birth control do you use, condoms?
Me: I don't need any.
Intake nurse: Well, you'll have to give a urine sample.

But overall it was a great experience. I ended up not giving a urine sample (TRUST ME, I am the very opposite of pregnant) and they all wished me luck, with all of it (the adoption, the bf'ing) on my way out.

Home study tomorrow. Here we go....


  1. whoa. unethical much? i can (almost) deal with the idea of a doctor who is nervous about something he hasn't done before (though my preferred solution would be getting off his ass and learning about it), but bait and switch sounds like malpractice to me.

    super impressed that you found someone else to help you so quickly! nice work.

  2. I hate all of those questions based around the assumption that you're in a straight relationship. Every time I go to the Dr we have to cover the basics. Irritating. Glad it all worked out in the end.