Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mission IVF: What The Insurance Company Said

Yes! They said yes! I'm approved for 1 round of IVF during March-May 2013. Despite fighting very hard for this insurance (including giving up my own company to take a job with someone else...less freedom, more bosses, etc) I know how very lucky we are to have this opportunity. And I am so thankful for this little piece of good news in our life.

I have an appointment on January 8th for "IVF counseling" with my RE. I cannot wait. We've already established that I'm likely to need significant meds to get my old wrinkly ovaries up to speed. Other topics on the table are PGD (RE recommends it, I'm not 100% sold) and when to start. The tentative calendar looks like this:

Surgery - done!
Start bcp - done!

Apply for insurance pre approval - approved!
Post-surgery period #1 - done! (sorry for the TMI)

Post surgery period #2 (this will likely span late dec/early jan)
Meet with RE for pre-IVF appointment
Post surgery period #3 (late jan)
Day-3 blood draws

Post surgery period #4 (late feb)
Start stimming!!! (I know my approval is for March-May, so I'm hoping since my period is expected late Feb that they don't make me wait another month)


  1. That's fantastic-- I hope it all goes really smoothly!

  2. Yay! Oh, I am doing a little happy dance for you! SUCH good news! :)

  3. What wonderful news! You needed something to lift your spirits and this sounds like the exact, perfect thing! Congratulations and lots of good thoughts your way!